Find out what everyone has to say about TrackRanger.

I would like to compliment you on the way you have helped – you have been prompt, thorough and very helpful. Without doubt the best IT support I have experienced! Thanks again

Laurie R – Daley’s Point, NSW 

 Thank you for your efforts in resolving MY problem, I am impressed. I downloaded the old driver and followed your instructions and the GPS fired up straight away. Thanks again and I will have a play and see how I go. Regards Richard.

Richard D. – Kilsyth, Vic

 Thank you for the update to TrackRanger Pro 8 it looks good. This is still the best mapping and travel program I have ever used.

Grant J – Avoca, Vic.

 TrackRanger Team, thank you very much for all your help and information which you have sent on. Your service is a breath of fresh air and a very rare thing these days. Most companies don’t bother with customers once they have sold their product. At least not to the extent which you have. Will be letting others know about you. Again thank you. All the best.

Pam B – Mackay, Qld

 Hi TrackRanger, tried the new program again tonight mate it is beautiful. I found it quicker than the old version very happy so far. All the waypoint descriptions came across with the import no problems. Thanks David

David I – Bombala, NSW

 I would just like to , once again compliment you on your TrackRanger product. I run it on two different operating systems (Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 8 is on a Dell tablet, and on my last trip (23,378 K0 it ran every day and trackranger never caused any problems and was spot on all the time. Keep up the fantastic work with this product. It out performs all other mapping programs.

Grant J – Avoca Vic 

 Just a quick note to say how thrilled we are with TrackRanger. Purchased through the secure online store one afternoon and hand delivered by 9AM the very next day. Wow. A few teething problems were sorted out easily with the great support people at TrackRanger (this was actually a Windows problem, but they still looked after us and got us going in no time). We couldn’t be happier with the program, and all of its great features – recording our journey, adding photos to locations, reviewing our travels, and never missing a turn-off again!

Ray and Carol Somerville, Vic

 Like I tell everyone it is a fantastic program and would not change for anyone.

Grant J – Avoca Vic 

 Hi, I recently installed version 8 of TrackRanger . The assistance I have received from TrackRanger’s support team has been very much above and beyond the level one would expect from a relatively small company. Some bigger companies should get with it or they may become smaller companies. Thank you again TrackRanger support team.

Steve -Qld 

 Thanks so much for your help. As I said I love the program and we have used it on many trips – last one to the Flinders and Gawler Ranges in SA. Want to use the link to Google Earth now.

Elton W – Gloucester NSW 2422 

 Hello Team, I have received my Trackranger V8 upgrade. I must say a big thank you for the quick & efficient way my order was handled. I am very impressed. Well done Cheers, Tony

Tony B – West Wollongong 

 Hi TrackRanger Team, I presume that you can still remember me – you fixed up my TrackRanger software to work with the GPS receiver after I had upgraded to Ver 8 on my new Microsoft Surface Pro computer. We had trouble getting the receiver to link to the software. We found that it would not work through a 4 port unpowered hub but when it was plugged into the only USB hub on the computer it decided to work. I thank you from the bottom of my seniors heart. I do not know what you did but it is great that I can use the computer with the receiver through the hub as sometimes I need to use other peripherals at the same time so it is great. Thanks again for all your help, I only wish all companies were so obliging as you were.

Trevor P, Invermay Park, Vic 

 This program looks quite good. I have just decided to purchased this, over Oziexplorer. Outback, here i come 😉 … Ok, I now have this up and running, and I’m very happy with the program and it’s features. Keep up the good work TrackRanger Team 🙂


 Hi TrackRanger Team, I have successfully installed our TrackRanger GPS on our new Samsung Slate series 7 with Windows 8. It is running very well and I am enjoying using the touch screen. I am amazed how TrackRanger has performed so well on all of our computers over the eight or so years we have been travelling with your GPS system. We have found lots of places not found on maps and camped in a lot of gravel pits which are shown on TrackRanger. Please let us know when there are any new updates. Regards Jan & Peter

Jan & Peter, Selby, Vic 

 Thanks for the help, the upgrade seems to have done the trick. I have opened the waypoint files and on the first opening a message stating the file has been upgraded has appeared. Once again thanks for the very prompt help, back around version 3 I used to phone with problems which were always solved, good to see your level of service is still the best. Regards Greg

Greg R – St Andrews, NSW

 I am more than pleased with TrackRanger. It came in handy out at Trangie (NSW) to navigate around the irrigation channels. Beats carrying paper maps.

Paul C – Orange NSW 

 I purchased Track Ranger Pro V7 and I must say what a product, it ran for three (3) months continuously on an Acer Netbook and never missed a beat. Your program leaves XX (name deleted, ed.) for dead – much easier to use.

Grant J – Avoca, Vic. 

 Thanks again the program is working a treat on both Windows 7 and Vista Ultimate. Pleased as punch. Ready now for 4 days in the desert country NE Perth this weekend not that we need UBD for this trip but there is piece of mind that all is working. I think I have been buying Trackranger since version 4 and continue to be pleased with its ease of use, Regards Geoff

Geoff D. – Toowoomba, Qld 

 Hi Team, I have just finished a 10000k trip up the east coast and back via outback Qld & NSW. I used the Track Trace the whole trip and am tickled pink with the results. I know I’ve still got a lot to learn but am enjoying using TrackRanger. Kind Regards, Bill.

Bill Z – Drouin, Vic 

 Thanks a lot – we love Track Ranger and it’s been really useful when we’ve been seriously remote!

Helen and Gerry C – Glen Iris, Vic 

 I have tried a few different GPS’s like Memory Map good but they don’t cover all states. Magellan good but messy to operate. Then I found Trackranger and (I am ) so rapped with it. I have just got back from doing Melbourne to Mt Dare and on to Purnie Bore in the Simpson and back and it never missed a beat. I contacted them today and told them how good I found it and ordered some extra maps like the street maps for when you hit a town and it changes on its own as you enter a town and then back again to topo as you leave. I have also ordered the Hema set of maps from them. But the start up kit is OK on its own I’m just fine tuning it to give me the best GPS I’ve had up to date. 10 out of 10 Thanks TrackRanger!

K.H. – Frankston Vic. 

 I have had a bit of spare time and have just had a look at your training videos. What tremendous, well structured and informative presentations. I have just used the trip planning function associated with Google Maps and what a breeze. Thank you very much.

Bob H. – Googong NSW 

 TrackRanger Team: This is fantastic. I can’t wait to get it back and play around to see how a little booklet will turn out. Not only is TrackRanger a great GPS system, it will also end up a great memories book to easily look at from time to time. Better than a photo album or a video. Fantastic. I hope to meet you sometime and thank you in person. Kindest regards Dave.

Dave L. Portarlington – Vic. 

 By the way, the program is better than I expected – easy to set up and intuitive – if it is as easy to use when I get into the more advanced features I will be absolutely stoked. Keep up the good work.

Jan M. Tennant – NT 

 Hello Trackranger Team Just a short note to say that we love your software program which we used for our trip to Cape York. Attaching photos of our trip to places where we created Waypoints is fantastic.

K McK, Gordonvale, Qld 

 Thank you TrackRanger Team. Another speedy response. Another asset to a great program. All installed and working. Now to have a play around.

Bob H. Googong NSW 

 Many thanks on the super fast delivery, it was amazing how fast it got here. Still learning the program, but so far seems like an awesome straightforward system to use.

Wayne F, – Wickham, WA 

 We spent 8 days traversing the dunes and thick scrub locating both Joanna and Griing Springs before managing to exit to the west via what was once referred to as the Anne Plains Track. The TrackRanger program performed faultlessly once again impressing my travel companions no end. I have just bought the latest version of TrackRanger (7) as a gift for my Canadian friends who will return again in mid 2010 for a 3 month expedition across the Gibson, Little and Great Sandy Deserts. (Warburton WA to Derby basically). We will again utilise the diesel quads with the toughbooks and TrackRanger strapped to the front of the quads as per our 07 expedition.

Michael O, Ringwood East, Vic. 

 I’ve got it running in my Disco, and it seems much more user friendly than the previous product I was using. Still learning it of course but first impressions are very good.

Greg K, Mulgrave Vic 

 Just wanted to let you know our Trackranger has been a huge hit!! Mum and Dad have it at the moment and they are almost at Steep Point in WA, after setting out from Byron Bay a few weeks back! They’ve had a great trip and have been reassured every step of the way by the TrackRanger! It’s performed beyond their expectations! Many thanks! Mark.

M.B. Sydney NSW 

 Just a quick note to say that that your product has blown me away. The accuracy is amazing and it really has had an impact on our navigation abilities.

A.V.E., NSW 

 “You may recall my purchase of Trackranger earlier this year. I just wanted to give you some feedback. We headed out from Canberra to WA to tackle the Canning Stock Route. Can I just say that it was simply brilliant. Every creek bed, every sand dune, every contour, camp site, elevation and every feature was there. When the track took a detour we knew about it. We travelled as the second vehicle in a convoy of two and regularly radioed ahead to alert it to upcoming points of interest. We initially thought that we would only refer to the screen occasionally. Not so – the laptop was open for all 1600 Km. We never lost any satellite connections. Advantech Design has a marvellous product!”

Rob McC. Belconnen ACT. 

 “Back again after a great trip…. Of all things we struck a lot of wet weather in outback NSW and most inland roads were closed to traffic….TrackRanger was superb and got us out of some tricky situations with closed roads etc. Super TrackTrace was everything one could ask for and will certainly help in planning future trips and providing trip info to others.”

Kevin S, Wentworth Falls, NSW. 

 gday. I have been using TrackRanger for many many years and I still don’t believe that there is any better product. I really rely on this program on almost a daily basis, and would trust this software with my life if it came to it.

Ryan D, Ellenbrook, WA

 Hi TrackRanger, Everything is installed and going OK. Great back up from your end – certainly no complaints about the TrackRanger support. Many Thanks – You make living on an island bearable…

Ray L, Kings Coat. SA, 5223

 ” I have started to calibrate my own jpg maps I have with the TrackRanger program. I will say it is easier to do than using the (other)explorer program. Thanks for such a user friendly program.”

Michael D, Corio Vic. 

 “I implemented the new files you sent and it works beautifully. Can’t thank you enough for fixing the problem for me. I am very impressed with the support provided by Advantech Design. I’m wondering if you guys actually go home at night. It’s a great product and keep up the good work. ”

Peter M, Canberra, ACT 

 “I bought a TrackRanger and GPS from you in Feb this year, and did a trip down the Vic High Country for 10 days. Just a note to tell you how good it performed and how happy I am with your products. Awesome! Thanks very much, great job. Regards, Mark”

M.B., Wyckham, NSW 

 “Firstly I must say how thrilled I am with TrackRanger even though I am still very much a beginner I have found the program very easy to use. The TrackRanger USB GPS unit is great and simple to use – I cannot believe how accurate it is.”

JC – Bracken Ridge, Qld 

 “We recently explored some very remote areas north-west of Alice Springs. Despite more than 20 years experience traveling the outback, some of the sites we searched for were very difficult to locate. Without TrackRanger we would have still been out there looking! TrackRanger made navigation a breeze.”

K.M. Darwin, NT 

 “I find the program is well written, robust, represents good value and I congratulate the Authors and development team.”

 “After having used TrackRanger in W.A. for the last 5months, I have found it indispensable. I wouldn’t have found a lot of the places I did.”


 “We recently utilized Trackranger on a 9000 km trip through the Strzelecki Desert and Gulf Region. It proved a very useful navigation system which provided considerable reassurance in remote and isolated areas.”

J.M., Turramurra, NSW 

 “During the stay, we ventured into some remote areas of dead flat country. On at least one occasion the group got momentarily disoriented. You see, whilst three of my colleagues were discussing their ‘understanding’ of our location on the hand drawn map of the property, I quietly powered up TrackRanger. In a few moments, I had a position fix. TrackRanger had worked out exactly where we were, and I was able to show them our exact position on the screen with pinpoint accuracy.”

CV, Kew, Vic 

 “To drive the whole rig I have installed the TrackRanger GPS Navigation System. I did a fair amount of research before deciding on this program to meet my needs of Australia wide travel. It auto links to the 250K CD series plus other maps available on CD and you can install any map into the system either using CD or scanned maps. After sales service is excellent and Australian company that wrote it periodically upgrade the system and add enhancements.”

F.P. – Holder, ACT 

 “There is no doubt about TrackRanger. It is the best ‘realtime’ locating device for the expert and the geographically embarrassed. I will never venture into the bush in a vehicle without it. Thanks a million for the generous after sales service and support. I will be recommending it to all my colleagues in outdoor pursuits.”

 “My colleague in the lead vehicle took a wrong turn when we got into the scrub. TrackRanger showed we should have turned left at a certain point in order to head off to location which was approx 45Kms due west of our present position. Anyhow, I radioed the lead vehicle, advised him of the errant turn and let TrackRanger do the navigating, it got us back on track. From that point, we kept in radio contact and talked each other through the rest of the journey for 40Kms. The calibration of the maps was so accurate, we found our required location in pitch darkness. Everyone was impressed.”

Chris, Melbourne. Vic 

 “I am once again indebted to you and re-iterate what I said previously “Thank you for being so prompt with your reply, this level of service is Exceptional and good to receive ” I look forward to a long and mutually enjoyable association with Advantech Design.”

K.W. Seaford, Vic 

 Far better than any of those new tiny screen things I see in car magazines, and can do so much more too.”

K.A. Vic 

 “Towing a large caravan, we cannot afford to take a wrong turn. We use TrackRanger to keep us informed of our location. Being alerted to turnoffs in advance really helps us prepare for turns, and lets us move into the correct lane in plenty of time. For us, TrackRanger is a travel necessity!”

B.V. Perth, W.A.