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Latest product releases, special offers and other news.

SCATS Wireless communications trial  

September 2016

Advantech Design have recently successfully demonstrated the Transnet wireless communications system for SCATS in Suva, Fiji. The system allows 3G wireless communications from the SCATS... » read more

TrackRanger now has Native Support for EOTopo maps  

November 2015

Integrate Native support for the EOTopo high-definition 200k maps has now been integrated into TrackRanger. While TrackRanger could always use EOTopo, the new features allow EOTopo to be... » read more

Advantech Presents TRANSnet Paper at ITS Summit  

May 2015

Advantech Design presented a Paper on the TRANSnet Public Transport Priority System at the 2015 ITS Summit in Melbourne. The paper, titled: "TRANSnet -  Technology for Advanced Public... » read more

VicRoads grants Product Compliance Consultant Panel Membership to Advantech Design  

April 2015

Advantech Design has been granted membership to the VicRoads Product Compliance Consultants Panel. » read more

TRANSnet deployed in Adelaide Australia!  

March 2015

Advantech's TRANSnet Public Transport Priority system has now been deployed in Adelaide, South Australia. Information on bus route timetable information from the... » read more

TRIPS installed in Tauranga, NZ.  

November 2014

Advantech Design has installed their TRIPS product in Tauranga, New Zealand. Tauranga Council are using TRIPS for monitoring road traffic performance, vehicle delays, and travel times across a... » read more

TRANSnet Public Transport Priority  

October 2014

Advantech Design are pleased to announce the release of a new TRANSnet Public Transport Priority control system which has been designed to actively monitor public transport journey and travel times... » read more

Mobile Traffic Data Monitoring Stations  

July 2014

Advantech Design have recently completed the manufacture of a further four (4) Portable Traffic Management Stations. They include traffic performance measuring systems, remote controlled... » read more

TrackRanger Pro 8.2 Released  

June 2013

TrackRanger Pro 8.2 includes its own web browser, and integrated trip planning capabilities using Google Maps and Google Earth. TrackRanger now allows you to undertake full trip planning with Trip... » read more

TrackRanger Pro-8 released  

January 2013

The latest version of trackRanger (Pro version 8) has now been released. TrackRanger Pro-8 has been updated to support Windows 8 operating systems, and also the new UBD City Streets Version... » read more

Portable or Fixed Location CCTV Traffic Surveillance  

May 2012

Advantech Design introduces remote portable wireless CCTV traffic surveillance! Advantech Design have added secure remote controlled wireless CCTV specifically designed for traffic... » read more

Transcend Interfaces to Wavetronix  

May 2012

Transcend now interfaces to Wavetronix Smart Sensor traffic counting stations. Remote live data collection is possible from fixed-pole or portable trailer mounted devices directly to... » read more

TRIPS installed in Auckland, NZ  

December 2011

Advantech Design have been engaged by Transport New Zealand to install the TRIPS travel time prediction system in the city of Auckland. TRIPS is providing valuable real-time travel time prediction... » read more

Travel Time Prediction contract awarded to Advantech  

December 2011

Advantech design have recently been awarded a two-year contract to supply Travel Time Prediction on Arterial Roads using the TRIPS Travel-time Reporting and Integrated Performance System... » read more

TrackRanger now has Animated Track Trace Plot functions  

August 2011

TrackRanger now allows you to 'replay' over time the Track Trace recorded on your trip using the new Animated Track Trace functions. Waypoints can be revealed showing locations encountered along... » read more

Search for Waypoints by Proximity  

May 2011

In TrackRanger, quickly find and list only waypoints that are near your travel location, or near your trip planning region. This is an excellent way to advance-manage your waypoint data - be... » read more

Gazetteer - TrackRanger has integrated Place-name Search!  

March 2011

TrackRanger now has an integrated place name search facility. The incorporated database has more that 320,000 searchable locations. Filters allow the user to search by location, name, feature type,... » read more

Transcend controlling VSLS on M80  

March 2011

Transcend is now controlling Variable Speed Limit Signs on the M80 Motorway in Melbourne. Transcend has been teamed up with our TRANSNet product to provide Secure 3G Wireless... » read more

TrackRanger Video online  

December 2010

Two new videos, one describing some of TrackRanger's extensive features, and the other a tutorial showing quick and easy trip planning with Google maps, complete with track Plan and Waypoints are... » read more

Advantech Upgrades Singapore's Traffic Computers  

November 2009

    Advantech Design have completed the Island-wide... » read more

TrackRanger runs on Apple MAC Notebook - here's how  

September 2009

One of our customers sent this information which will help MAC users enjoy the features of TrackRanger. Computer used: MacBook Pro 13inch with 150Gb hard disk drive » read more

TrackRanger Pro 7 Now Available!  

May 2009

Pro 7 incorporates many new features, including * Multi-Colour Track Trace displays * Can directly import Oziexplorer Waypoint files * Improved locked-map... » read more

TrackRanger 6.7 now available  

January 2009

TrackRanger version 6.7 has now been released. Main features include: - Support for UBD City Streets Version 6 (2009 edition), TrackTrace repair now allows user to delete a single point only.... » read more

Travel Time Contract awarded to Advantech Design  

December 2008

Advantech Design have been successful in the award of the TRIPS Travel Time System to provide real-time Travel Time Prediciton on Arterial Roads for VicRoads, Australia. TRIPS now has capability... » read more

Latest Natmap 2008 Released!  

September 2008

After a long development time, Geoscience Australia have finally released the latest 2008 Natmap Digital map set. TrackRanger users will benefit from the new DVD mapping resource available from... » read more

Transcend Installed on Port River Expressway  

September 2008

The Transcend Motorway Management System has now been commissioned to operate the Port River Expressway in South Australia. This new strategic Road and Rail Link connects... » read more

SCATS Modem System now available  

February 2008

Advantech Design are proud to announce the release of the new SCATS Modem and Line Isolation Units for SCATS Traffic Signal communications. Already being deployed by Road Authorities, these modems... » read more

TrackRanger Pro 6 Released  

May 2007

TrackRanger Pro-6 has support for the UBD Regional Cities and Towns. Providing an entire new dimension to country travelling, this map set has more than 600 regional towns, giving TrackRanger the... » read more

VicRoads extends TRIPS Travel Time Contract to Advantech Design  

March 2007

Following a 12 month successful data delivery of predicted real-time Travel Time data, VicRoads has extended the TRIPS Travel Time contract, which was awarded by competitive tender to Advantech... » read more

TrackRanger Pro 5.4 now supports Voice Directions!  

February 2007

Add Waypoints to your map, and TrackRanger can be set to intelligently alert you to turnoffs in advance with not only on-screen messages, but with dynamic voice instructions. As well as... » read more

TrackRanger Pro 5 now supports UBD City Streets Version 5  

November 2006

TrackRanger now has support for the UBD City Streets V5. The new maps include one combined region of Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, & Central Coast. UBD Version 4 also includes updated... » read more

Secure Online Shop Now Open  

March 2006

Our secure online shop is finally open. You can be confident that buying online is as easy and trouble free as the previous methods of... » read more

Vic Roads awards Travel Time Contract to Advantech Design  

January 2006

Advantech Design wins major contract with VicRoads to supply arterial Travel Time information to road users. This contract has been timed to coincide with delivery of quality Traffic... » read more

TrackRanger - Pro 5 Released  

January 2006

TrackRanger 5 includes full support for street directory mapping using the UBD Street Directories. Areas covered include Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Darwin,... » read more

Advantech Design has a new website  

July 2005

Advantech's website has undergone major redesign, including a fresh new interface. Later this year we will have a secure online store up and running for our customers. » read more

TrackRanger 4.5 ON SPECIAL  

April 2005

TrackRanger 4.5 is currently on special for only $199, it's normally valued at $249. » read more

TrackRanger 4.5 Released  

April 2005

TrackRanger has reached version 4.5 and includes a host of new features such as WayPoint searching, directional arrow as alternative to original dot, improved time synchronisation, extended... » read more