SCATS Wireless communications trial

Advantech Design have recently successfully demonstrated the Transnet wireless communications system for SCATS in Suva, Fiji.

The system allows 3G wireless communications from the SCATS central computer to communicate to intersection controllers, and is especially cost-effective where wired service telecommunications are limited or unreliable. For the test, sites were deliberately chosen to establish the ability of the system to operate successfully over long distances. The trialed communications system has proven itself to be robust and reliable. Statistical figures of more than 96% uptime are considered to demonstrate a very satisfactory result for this type of communication. The Transnet communicatiosn system achieved an uptime of more than 99.5% wireless communications over and average 24 hour period, and this could be further improved with assistance from the wireless network service provider.

Transnet allows SCATS to operate as designed, to provide effective, managed traffic coordination, dynamically adjust signal timings to meet traffic demands, maximise intersection capacity and provide the traffic engineer with vital monitoring and reporting tools.

The Wireless Communications System as trialed is definitely considered a successful workable solution for operating the SCATS Management System with Intersection Controllers.

SCATS is a registered trademark or Roads and Maritime Services