VicRoads successfully trials TRANSnet

VicRoads successfully trials TRANSnet on Bus Route 201 in the Burwood – Box Hill region of Melbourne.

TRANSnet applies a top-down approach to bus priority where the local traffic signal controller does not require reprogramming. The bus detection uses ‘virtual detectors’ for queue detection and journey time information. Therefore physical installation of detectors is also not required. The priority can be activated on a number of performance conditions including schedule adherence.

A number of different scenarios have been tested using TRANSnet and SCATS Action Lists. VicRoads found that all of the scenarios using either bus delay or schedule adherence triggering mechanisms have operated successfully. The priority enabled in SCATS has included adding a right turn phase in the sequence, increasing the green time for a bus movement and dwelling a phase without skipping other phases to ensure the bus can reduce the buses time in the virtual detector zone.

TRANSnet Tracking & Priority in action