TRANSnet has Headway Management and Reporting

The TRANSnet public transport system for SCATS now has integrated Headway Management and Reporting tools.

A common requirements is to keep public service vehicles running at a consistent frequency (e.g. a service every 10 minutes), rather than a pre-determined schedule. TRANSnet now monitors the frequency of arrivals at each virtual detection location, and also tracks the intervention type that was delivered at these locations to maintain the service headway. The Priority Intervention information shows the Headway Time between vehicles, the detail of the intervention type, the exact number of times intervention was called for each intervention request (this quickly identifies if the ‘level’ of intervention was satisfactory, or if a more severe intervention was really required). It also shows if the priority intervention could not be delivered and the exact reason(s) why.

These tools quickly provide the operator with valuable feedback to quantify priority operation, success rates, and identify issues that should be investigated based on performance improvement.