Mobile Traffic Data Monitoring Stations

Advantech Design have recently completed the manufacture of a further four (4) Portable Traffic Management Stations.

They include traffic performance measuring systems, remote controlled HD CCTV cameras (pan/tilt/zoom) with 3G communications, solar power with battery backup and automatic charging. Solar panels may be rotated independent of the trailer position to face the sun. Adjustable solar panel tilt to cater for different peak solar conditions is included.

The cameras can reach just on 8 metres above ground level, have 30X Optical Zoom and 360o Pan and 180o Tilt, thus allowing excellent viewing along roadways.

Designed for use in road-works zones, they allow traffic engineers to remotely monitor traffic performance, collect live traffic count data across up to 10 lanes of traffic, and take timely action to review and resolve traffic problems as required. They can also be used for Crowd Surveillance at outdoor events etc, and for security monitoring purposes.

Remote Controlled Video Surveillance:

Traffic Performance Monitoring – real-time or historical:

Compact storage for transporting: