TRANSnet deployed in Adelaide Australia!

Advantech’s TRANSnet Public Transport Priority system has now been deployed in Adelaide, South Australia.

Information on bus route timetable information from the Adelaide MetroCard system is fed into the TRANSnet system to provide the most adaptable and effective Public Transport Priority system available today.

Regular data received from transponders fitted to public transport vehicles identifies a wide range of criteria including:

  • Route Identifiers
  • Specific Journey Pattern modifiers
  • Vehicle Location (geographical)
  • Schedule Adherence Information
  • Vehicle Operator
  • Vehicle at Stop information
  • Vehicle identifier
  • Route Information and Direction

TRANSnet makes intelligent decisions on the most appropriate form of priority to provide, and can escalate priority demands only if and when required. Special Intersection Recovery Options are included to restore normal operation as quickly as possible after priority intervention has been applied.

The TRANSnet Public Transport Priority system introduces a revolutionary approach to providing effective priority, and incorporates a totally new methodology to incorporate intelligent priority management of public transport vehicles. TRANSnet is fully SCATS(*)compatible, but could easily be adapted to other traffic control systems if required.

For more information, please refer to the TRANSnet page

* SCATS is a registered trademark of Roads and Maritime Services, NSW, Australia