Advantech Design

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Intelligent Transportation System and Navigation products

Advantech Design produces products for Traffic Management and Analysis of Traffic Data, GPS tracking, plus Automated Process Control Systems.

TRANSnet Public Transport Priority System. Advantech Design introduces the world's most comprehensive and powerful Public Transport Priority System for SCATS.

TrackRanger GPS Navigation System

Designed to run on a Windows Laptop or Tablet, TrackRanger is a powerful graphical map-based navigation software package.  with a connected GPS, you can dynamically plan trips, track your location, measure distances, record your journey, add photos of favourite locations, share travel details with friends, and more.

  • TRIPS - Travel Reporting and Integrated Performance System

    A sophisticated facility that directly integrates with, and provides accurate Travel Time prediction, information on road network performance, and other important information on the operation of the SCATS Adaptive Traffic Management System.




Advantech Design produces SCATS modems and Line Isolation Units for traffic signal communications.


  • Region Tracker

    Remote monitoring of regional computer systems and critical operating environments.




* SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) is a trademark of the Roads & Maritime Services, NSW, Australia