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TRIPS Screenshots 

TRIPS Travel Time Graph showing accumulative travel time along a route, with delay points of each link clearly shown at the bottom of the graph. The free-flow travel time (no delays) is also shown for comparative purposes.

TRIPS Travel Time profile showing the Speed Profile along a Route with Basic and Smoothed TT displays.

TRIPS Speed Profile

Travel Time for each direction of roadway over a 24 hour period.

The TRIPS map displays easily allow traffic engineers to identify travel time 'hot spots' along travel routes, and shows dynamic traffic coordination.

Tabular data displays are available, allowing the traffic engineer to examine traffic data at the most minute detail. This greatly assists in locating the cause of unexpected travel delays.

Travel Time Prediction

TRIPS provides comparison graphs between journey travel time and congestion at an intersection level. Congestion troublespots can easly be identified by the yellow diamonds. The user may set the thresholds to any value.

Signal Group Data

TRIPS incorporates comprehensive map editing facilities, allowing new routes to be established quickly and easily as the system is expanded.

The accuracy of TRIPS travel time prediction is shown here compared to actual floating car data.

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