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TrackRanger Release Notes 

TrackRanger - Pro Version 8.7

Released November 2015

Pro 8 incorporates many new features, including

  • Integrated Trip Planning using Graph Hopper and open source mapping (replaces Google)
  • Draw Bearing Line is now user selectable
  • User can select "Preferred Digital Map" from either Natmap 250k or EoTopo Australia 200K map
  • Multi coloured waypoints on map. Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue.
  • User Definable Alert Speed Included - alerts driver whenever speed is exceeeded
  • Right click on map allows it to be centered at the mouse-clicked location
  • GPS position size and Waypoint size are independently definable
  • Added Circle Radius Distances overlay on map with automatic or manual scale operation
  • Added Autopilot on Westprint or UBD option
  • Added support for UBD City Streets V7
  • Tip of the Day contents can be printed
  • Speed form slightly larger to handle Windows 8 fonts
  • Native support for EOTopo Maps

TrackRanger - Pro Version 7

Released May 2009

Pro 7 incorporates many new features, including

  • Multi-Colour Track Trace displays
  • Can directly import Oziexplorer Waypoint files
  • Improved locked-map functionality
  • Import and Export Waypoints in GPX format
  • New Waypoint fields for date, description and elevation
  • Edit Waypoint directly on screen with Control-Click
  • Multiple Waypoints may be selected and deleted in single action
  • User-defined zoom value - uses X9 key to set your own preferred auto-zoom
  • Track Trace Repair can now delete single point, all preceding or all following
  • Support for UBD Regional Cities and Towns V4
  • Waypoint names may be shown on Super Track Trace graph
  • Improved Track Trace resolution on UBD maps

Multi-colour Track Trace displays:

Show Waypoint labels on Super Track Trace graph




TrackRanger - Pro Version 6

Released May 2007

Pro 6 has a heap of additional features, including

  • Improved Voice Alerts for your planned trip
  • UBD Regional Cities and Towns support - navigate at street directory level when traveling in regional areas,
  • Allows Video Clips to be attached to a Waypoint as well as still images (photos etc)
  • Waypoints Data Manager (search for a waypoint name or comment, in all of your existing waypoint files),
  • Improved Startup Preferences features

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TrackRanger - Pro Version 5.4

Released February 2007

  • Added Voice prompts in WayPoints, enabled/disabled individually through Waypoint Edit.
  • Preset Voice information, as well as speaking the Waypoint name and/or the Waypoint Comment.
  • Voice announcements are done automatically by software, depending on speed, etc.
  • Added Speaker Volume Control into Waypoints page.
  • Test if Sound device available before announcing any messages.
  • Selection of Voices as available in the system (Male, Female etc) - user selectable
  • Distances display highlights the next Waypoint in the trip plan as the trip progresses.
  • User is automatically prompted to perform an Update Database after a new TrackRanger installation or upgrade
  • Automated Demonstration introduced from Help drop-down menu
  • If AutoLoad/save waypoints is enabled, buttons and labels are shown in Red to alert user that Save/Load is automatic
  • Status Messages are now shown in White Text on a Teal background, consistent with other TrackRanger displays.
  • Allow Either Image (JPG / BMP) or Video (MPG) to be attached to a waypoint.
  • Show Video Attachment to Waypoint Label as '(V)'
  • Use Windows Messages to send a unique Pause and Resume message to cooperating applications to pause or resume a separate Music Playing Device whenever TrackRanger is about to "Speak"
  • Don't force Waypoints to be uppercase - Waypoints are uppercased as they are sent to the GPS, allows better speech facilities
  • ECW GPS position dot colour is the same in Preview mode as it is in Normal (User) mode
  • Added ability to search all user files for a specific Waypoint and/or Comment, and automatically add it to the Waypoints Management List

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TrackRanger - Pro Version 5

Released January 2006

  • Full UBD street map support
    • Ability to search for streets and suburbs as well as facilities such as caravan parks, police stations, ambulance, hospitals, post offices etc.
    • Works with TrackRangers powerful Auto-Pilot feature.
  • Track-Plan
    • Allows a Track Trace to be created with the mouse in conjunction with the Shift key. Feature is turned on/off with Control-T. TrackPlan saves the TrackTrace data to disk when the second Control-T is pressed. Control-U erases a Track Plan while recording.
  • Waypoints
    • TrackRanger dynamically shows the user the distance remaining (in Metres) when approaching a WayPoint (if Alert when approaching Waypoints is turned on).
    • Auto Add waypoint ('=' key) now adds the time as well as the date to the comment field of the waypoint.
  • Printing Trip Plans
    • Print Distance Route, complete with WayPoints, InUse, Lat/Long, Accumulative Distance, and comments.
    • Printing a Trip Travel Route (Distances Page) shows both iterative and incremental distances.

Download PDF for more features.

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TrackRanger 4.5

Released April 2005

  • Moved WayPoints management menu item from Utilities to View Menu.
  • Added 2 new menu items in View Menu : Show WayPoints on Map & Show WayPoint names
  • Added 'Show WayPoint Names' checkbox to WayPoints dialog
  • Changed Close handler routine in WayPoints management so that if user selects X to close form, then all housekeeping functions are performed.
  • If Satellite data is lost, Satellite Information and Signal Strength displays all show in bright red.
  • Added Travel Statistics screen - showing large character displays of ETA, Destinations, Speed etc (backspace key)
  • Write Version and Timestamp to INI file at startup, as well as RAM and CPU statistics
  • Show if TrackTraceFilesDirectory, MapFileDirectory, TrackNotesFilesDirectory and PhotosDirectory is present in Information Statistics.
  • Show if TrackTraceFilesDirectory is Readonly in Information Statistics
  • Added Record a log file feature automatically. User Presses Control-R, or selects from the utility menu. Options available to Pause, Stop, Continue recording.
  • Amount of data and recording status shown in recording form (^R)
  • Added support for NatMap 2005 Mosaic and Premier Mosaic
  • Auto-Pilot HotKeys are now AP for Mosaic maps (all maps)
  • MapSheets only worked for NatMaps 2003 and earlier. These have been replaced with MOSAIC functionality for later versions (2005+)
  • Added Night Vision (hot-key V)
    • 2 levels of filtering, plus user can select the preferred Night Vision Filter colour from the Utilities menu.
  • Added automatic utility to upgrade DLLs to suit the 2005 MapSheets if necessary

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TrackRanger 4.3f

  • Allow user the option to print the map name when printing maps.
  • Show amount of memory available in Information Statistics
  • Automatically redraw TrackTrace whenever user changes TrackTrace resolution.
  • Plus Key (Shift-Plus) shows QuickAdd WP Dialog for user to add / change comments to WayPoints.
  • The "=" key (no shift) instantly adds the Waypoint with no further intervention, using numbering sequence of WP001, WP002 etc.
  • Added error codes display if TrackRanger cannot update or create Waypoint or Sortorder file.
  • Allow user option of having TrackRanger convert read-only Waypoint / Sort order files to read/write when updating WayPoint data.
  • Allow user to plot lines or leave gaps for all TrackTrace data regardless of gaps in data.
    • If plot lines is selected, this connects gaps in input data with straight lines.
    • The 'gap' threshold is 10x the current TrackTrace resolution.

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TrackRanger 4.3

Released October 2004

  • Support for extended TrackTrace file distances to be recorded and displayed (up to 4 files, each capable of more than 13,000Km’s at 10 metre resolution may be recorded/displayed).
  • Track Trace Append Utility (join multiple existing TrackTrace files), to allow users who have multiple pre-existing TrackTrace files to combine these files into one larger file, the TrackTrace Append utility is now provided. This may be run as an off-line program, or launched from within TrackRanger.
  • Show TrackTrace as a Chain of dots on ECW view when reverting to preview mode.
    This allows for the TrackTrace to be more easily identified when panning/zooming maps in preview mode.
  • Automatically add date to Waypoint comment when adding via "+" or Add Current GPS pos'n button
  • Changed TrackTrace maximum points from (8 * 4096) to (4 * 131072), giving a fourfold increase in possible plots. (at 10 metre intervals, allows for a maximum single plot distance of > 13,000 Kms)
  • Reduced number of specifiable plots on the one TrackTrace screen from 8 to 4 (Control-P)
  • Modified exit routine to manage "waypoint data changed" warnings when closing TrackRanger (Yes or No is required).

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