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Region Tracker - more information 

Region Tracker consists of two products:

  1. Software that is installed as a maintenance-free service that runs seamlessly in the background on the remote computer.
  2. Hardware that provides all of the environmental monitoring, and easily integrates with the remote computer via a simple connection, through the parallel printer port.

This means that Region Tracker can be easily installed and configured with no modifications to the computer system hardware, such as the complicated installation of special circuit boards or other computer peripheral equipment.

What features and monitoring does Region Tracker provide?

  • Region Tracker allows for the automated monitoring of both Mains and U.P.S. voltages.
  • It continuously monitors and reports temperatures from two separate temperature probes.
  • These probes are usually strategically positioned to monitor the ambient temperature, as well as operating temperatures of the Industrial Computing equipment installed at the remote location. Sudden or gradual failure of the air-conditioning, or a failure of the CPU cooling is immediately recognised and reported by Region Tracker.
  • Region Tracker also provides sub-floor dampness monitoring, meaning that any unnoticed ingress of water is instantly identified and corrective action can be immediately taken.
  • Region Tracker provides an added level of security and monitoring of these remote locations. With the installation of infrared motion detectors, it also dynamically monitors and reports access at two different locations at the remote site.
  • This ensures that the Traffic Management Centre and Computer Management Personnel are continuously informed of all activity at these remote locations, even during unexpected times of the day.

Region Tracker also constantly monitors and records all user-account access at the remote computer system.

Region Tracker continuously reports these critical environmental and status conditions to the Central Computer, and this computer system both records, and makes this information available to operatorsí terminals via a sophisticated graphical user interface.

Where SCATS Traffic Management computer systems are being protected, Region Tracker can even automatically report event status to the SCATS Event Log, ensuring that when operators are reviewing data in the SCATS log file, they are also fully informed of the complete operational status of the regional computer.

Region Trackerís advanced configuration features even allow operators to individually specify what alerting action should be undertaken when an event occurs, even events that occur during specified time periods.

As an example, a computer systems manager may wish to be alerted of all access to a remote computer, whereas Traffic Management Centre personnel may only wish to be notified of unexpected after-hours events.

Region Tracker easily accomplishes all of this and much more, with its highly developed features, and adaptable configuration tools.

The system manager may set individual threshold values for all of the monitored functions, meaning that the system can be easily tailored to suit specific locations and environments.

More importantly, all event data is permanently logged to disk at the Region Tracker Central Management Computer. This then allows computer staff to instantly review any of the operating status and environmental conditions from any remote computer.

And Region Trackerís graphical display quickly allows trends in data such as cabin temperature to be quickly identified, and preventative corrective action can be taken before disaster occurs.

This further increases the reliability of the system, therefore minimising the risk of undesirable and costly downtime.

Region Tracker provides a proven method to both efficiently and cost-effectively monitor and maintain critical remote computer systems. It adds a new level of security to these expensive installations, and allows the computer systems manager to be fully informed of the status at all of these systems, all of the time.

Region Tracker requires no new computer hardware to be implemented. Itís proven design allows it to be installed on existing regional and central computer systems. And with the capability of remotely monitoring from 1 to 64 regional computers simultaneously, Region Tracker is expandable to fit even the largest traffic management systems in use today.

Ensure that mission-critical computer systems and environments are afforded the protection they demand. Safeguard them with Region Tracker.

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