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Region Tracker 

Critical Traffic Management and effective coordination relies on the continuous operation of traffic management computer systems.

These computers are usually positioned remotely at unattended locations, and are often situated some distance from central management and monitoring facilities.

When designing and commissioning these systems, authorities provide proper environmental conditions to ensure reliability and longevity of the mission-critical computer systems that are contained within these buildings. These include air-conditioning, uninterruptible power supplies and possibly sub-floor water intrusion detection.

Region Tracker Windows

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Developed by Intelligent Transportation Systems specialists, Advantech Design, “Region Tracker” provides continuous monitoring and supplies timely information on the status of critical environmental functionality at remote computer locations.

Designed to easily integrate with any remote Windows-based operating system that connects to a Local or Wide Area Network, Region Tracker continuously reports vital environmental information to the Traffic Management Centre.

And although Region Tracker will work with any system that meets this criteria, it has been especially designed to integrate with and complement the world-famous SCATS Adaptive Traffic Management System.

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