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Frequently Asked Questions  

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions to help you take advantage of the wide range of features available in TrackRanger. If you have a question please check to see if its answered below before you request further support.

What exactly is TrackRanger? 
What do I need to run TrackRanger? 
What else can TrackRanger do? 
What comes with the TrackRanger navigation system? 
How can I learn to use TrackRanger before I actually travel? 
Can I copy the NatMap maps to my hard drive? 
What other maps are available for TrackRanger? 
TrackRanger has lots of features. What’s the easiest way to use it without a steep learning curve? 
I'm using the TrackRanger GPS. How do I set up TrackRanger to Link to this unit? 
What steps do I need to take to put TrackRanger on Autopilot? 
I know TrackRanger comes with a comprehensive 120+ page manual. How do I view this manual? 
What Help is available with TrackRanger? 
What is meant by the terms: User-mode and Preview-mode? 
How can I instantly add a WayPoint while I am travelling? 
How do I show Waypoint names on the map? 
How do I attach a photograph to a waypoint? 
How do I show the photo on the map? 
How do I know if a Waypoint has a photo attached? 
How do I quickly see my nearest waypoint location, final trip destination, ETA’s and important Distances information etc? 
How do I measure a distance? 
How do I measure approximate area? 
How do I record my journey while I drive, and view it again later? 
I want to do more than just record a TrackTrace. What other features are available? 
How do I plan a trip and then use that plan while I travel? 
How do I show the compass on the screen? 
How do I see my current GPS position as coordinates. 
How do I show the Waypoints Management page? 
I know I can add Waypoints by clicking on the map, but I have some location positions I read from a book. How can I enter and show these on a map in TrackRanger? 
How many WayPoints can I show on the map at any one time. 
My Hot-keys are not working. What should I do? 
I have my own scanned maps. Can I use these with TrackRanger? 
I have created my own maps, how do I get TrackRanger to know what areas they cover so that they can be automatically located? 
How do I install the TrackRanger GPS drivers? 
I’m not receiving any data from my GPS, what could be wrong? 
How many satellites can TrackRanger receive at once? 
I’m not sure if my GPS reception is adequate. How do I find out if the satellite signals are OK? 
Is there any diagnostic I can use to see if I am receiving GPS data correctly? 
My GPS is connected and working properly, but I cannot get a position fix. What could be wrong?