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Advantech Design – Automated Power for Traffic Signals.

Providing mains power protection, power management and power monitoring at Traffic Lights

Effective Traffic Control and Traffic Management has become an integral part of today’s busy transport management systems. Smooth coordination and safe movement of traffic and pedestrians relies on the uninterrupted availability and continuous operation of the most vital traffic management item: the Traffic Signal Intersection Controller.

What happens if there is a power failure at the intersection controller? Without proper and effective traffic signal control, motorists and pedestrians are placed at risk when trying to negotiate their way through an intersection with a failed traffic control system.

ADAPTS ensures that these critical intersections are protected so that they remain operational, even in the event of a major power outage.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with most computerised Traffic Management Systems, including SCATS, the Advantech Design ‘ADAPTS’ traffic signal controller power protection system is a sophisticated facility, providing Uninterruptible Power to Traffic Signal Controllers, while providing the added benefit of integrated Remote Monitoring and Management of power to the intersection controller.

By providing constant remote monitoring and reporting, the traffic authority can be confident that the protection they install will work in an emergency, when they need it most.

The versatile Graphical User Interface provides operators with continuous information on the status of operation of all field-based equipment. Abnormal conditions are instantly identifiable, and corrective action can be quickly taken. Information on mains power, frequency, U.P.S. load, battery status and inverter temperature is constantly updated on the operator’s terminal.

Sophisticated event recording, historical event reporting, and filter searching are all part of the facilities provided by the Advantech Design ADAPTS Traffic Signal U.P.S. Protection System.

Safeguard essential intersection traffic signal control with the ADAPTS power management system.

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